More pretty, slightly suspicious Kazuya. Well, we were eavesdropping on his earlier conversation. D: In one option he was like “FORGET EVERYTHING YOU’VE HEARD” (shown above in the second cap) in a rather scary voice, so I figured it was probably not the right option. Went back and bingo (third cap)… I guess Kazuya is kind of like Saitou in terms of temperament, just more vocal.

Then the mystery man popped out again. His nickname for you is “Konezumi-chan”, which is basically “little mouse”. He went on to call Yukina an idiot for rushing in to attack him after getting her (and Chitose’s) butt kicked before. D: D: But he didn’t do much this time before disappearing again, though I did get to see Kazuya’s lovely battle stance thanks to him. It’s in such sharp contrast to Chitose’s, but I guess that’s obvious considering that they……well…..*spoilers*. XD

If you flip through the caps, you can see the clouds move.

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