1 year ago
8th Tuesday 2013

Some of you might be aware of some of the otome game “news” that Siliconera has been increasingly reporting as of late. When called out on their tone—not the most offensive stuff ever, but still rather problematic—one of the moderators replied, “Guess what? No other site as large as ours even covers otome games regularly. Just the fact that we go out of our way to cover these titles shows the respect we have for them.” Well, he was at least partially correct. There really is no united front for the otome fandom—we’re kind of spread out all over the place on Tumblr, Twitter, review blogs, and other venues.

Which is why, out of a desire to consolidate otome fandom news and hopefully bring everyone together to discuss the things we love, we’ve created Otome Jikan. OJ is a new website dedicated to news, reviews, editorials, and other information regarding anything that is related to the otome fandom. This is a blog run by fans for fans. We seek to try and consolidate information on otome games—both in Japanese and English—and drama CDs, as well as anime/manga, books, etc. Doujin games and original English visual novels will also be covered if they are of a more professional quality.

Our aim is to spark informed discussion and debate among fellow fans and spread awareness of otome games and otome news. To be a safe place for otome fans to talk to each other and read news without feeling judged for enjoying what they want to enjoy. If you’re at all interested in any of that, please check the site out.

ALSO! We are always seeking contributors to post news, reviews, and editorials. Even if you’re not confident in your Japanese enough to want to translate news, you can always post editorials, proofread other articles, moderate comments, or add game/CD releases to the event calendar. There’s lots of things to do for anyone who is interested, so don’t hesitate to speak up if you want to help out. (feel free to send me a note via Tumblr or you can contact me or Rin elsewhere to ask)

Please spread the word, add OJ to your RSS readers or bookmarks, and let’s make this site great! \o/

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