Anonymous: Hi I just finished playing Nachtigal and wanted to say I really enjoyed it! (Luca and Adrian were really great characters :33) I was curious about your choice of using the word 'Nachtigal' for their last name. Was the name just random? Or were you trying to use imagry by using the german word for nightingale? (Although in german the word has two l's, Nachtigall) Also for the life of me I cant get ending 4 D:

Thank you very much! I’m really glad that you enjoyed it. ;w;

Originally we were going to call the game Nachtegaele… I can’t remember if we first decided to find a word that meant “nightingale” in a European language or if we were looking at a list of nobility and saw the name “Nachtegaele” on there, looked it up, and then found that it meant “nightingale”… Something like that! This was in July so my memory’s a bit hazy. XD;; Around when Auro was designing the logo, we decided to use an alternate spelling of Nachtigal to make things a little less complicated. Nachtigal is a German/Jewish alternate form of “Nachtigall” used for surnames.

Ooh yeah the 3P ending is the trickiest one to get. XD The process of unlocking it is the same as ending 5, however you will get ending 4 instead of ending 5 if Adrian and Luca’s affection points are equal when you reach that choice. Their affection maxes out at four so you need two points for each guy. As a hint, Luca prefers intelligent/prudent answers while Adrian prefers the more funny/witty ones.