The issue with the whole otome heroine hate thing is that there is literally no pleasing people. They bash heroines like Utapuri’s Haruka and the AMNESIA heroine for being dumb, Hakuouki’s Chizuru and Diabolik Lovers’ Yui for not being able to fight, and Starry Sky’s Tsukiko for being too plain and meek…

But then when they get a heroine like Garnet Cradle’s Miku she’s too pretty therefore she isn’t allowed to have problems, Jyuzaengi’s Kan’u is the strongest warrior but is apparently a Mary Sue because of it, and other heroines who are more aggressive are dubbed “bitches”.

Heroines are bashed for being too feminine, but when they focus on duty or their combat skills then they’re not feminine enough. When they have flaws and tragic backstories then they’re too emo and need to get over themselves, but if they’re strong-willed and kind then they’re too perfect.

I’d like everyone who’s ever bashed a heroine (not “I have a problem with this character” but “I wish I could strangle this character”) to try writing their own. :/ To try spending a day in that heroine’s shoes and see how hard it actually is to be Chizuru or Yui or even Tsukiko.

The problem at the core is a fundamental lack of empathy, an inability to consider anyone else’s problems but your own. You can remove this harsh judgment from the male characters because you’re not male yourself, but the heroine needs to be a “perfect” character to “deserve” the guys and to “represent you”. Only problem is nobody’s perfect. D: Not Haruka, not Kan’u, and definitely not any of us real people.

"Don’t make others suffer for your own personal hatred."

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    Also, remember Chizuru’s time period, people!! They make some of these heroines “plain” so you can fit yourself in their...
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    I personally think that people are looking at too many comments and lumping several people into one group. Lets just say...
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    The hatred probably stems from the fact that Otome females are meant to be player’s proxy, and yet some players can’t...
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